torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

Kukkais rakkautta ja uusi aamu/ Flower love and a NEW DAY

I got most of the bad feelings out of my system just by starting to relocate some of our big furniture in the "livingroom" kidsroom. And so went the tables to lean on the other wall, hush and swoop went the bunk bed foward to make room for my lovely green shaded sofa. I also had to move one bookshelf and a dresser out of the way for those other moves to be possible. So after the physical exercise I felt so much better. I also phone my best friend and talked nonstop for an hour. I'm blessed for having a friend I can pour my heart out and she will understand not judge nor riddicule my ( oh so many times over the top) emotions. I am I suppose a bit of a drama queen really, but I can't help that sometimes my feelings are just so well BIG, almost touching the thin line of being too much to handle. My poor darling man had to listen to my wailing and crying through the phone lines. I really would have loved him to be here with me, to hugg me. He did say lovely words of consolation, support and love. I do love him with all my heart. I know am blessed in so many ways in my life. Things are'nt really that bad even if I did'nt get into the school I wanted to. I can still do, create and find what's really my passion. I think partly my problem has always been that I'm not good at one particular thing, not super talented not passionate. I love doing so many things I find I'm interested in such various ways of self expression. ( dance, music, making of things, sewing, drawing, kinitting etc, oh and yeah gardening) What is essential to me is to be able to make, to create things with my hands, and to bring joy to myself in the process and to others in the result. Today i'm feeling balanced and calm with me the knowledge that I will find it, my thing and take it then further and some day and maybe be able to share it with others.

But I have to get amove on I'm going out to town with K for some ( shamed to admit) retail theraphy. But I can justify it a bit as I do actually need something for our coming up summer holiday with My mum and the kids. That it being a light(er) foldable pram for K to go with us to the trip. So off to flea markets we are.

Have a lovely day! The rose is for you, for some flower power and love!
ps. don't be a stranger I'd love to hear from you...


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